Why Not Do It Yourself?

Body temperature readings have been confirmed as Protected Health Information (PHI).  From an employment law perspective, employers cannot expose themselves to the following claims:

a) The employee taking the temperature reading had a pre-existing dispute with employee being screened or other reason to decide to remove the employee from work or, indirectly, require the employee to work that day.

b) The employer recorded the PHI and later used it in a way that is unlawful.

c) The employer made the decision on whether or not an employee can work that day based on medical data/PHI.

By outsourcing, the employer develops a protocol that defaults to sending the employee home and focuses on normal HR questions of:

a) Is this an excused absence?

b) Is the employee getting paid (PTO or otherwise)?

Because OHD’s process has more than one reason for routing the employee to the employer protocol, the employer does not KNOW that the employee had an elevated temperature; therefore, the risks above are avoided.

How it Works

Employer will print and post a notice produced by OHD regarding Temperature Readings and required Online Consent & Attestation at each available facility entrance

Every employee must electronically sign an E-Consent & Attestation accessed through our mobile-friendly portal before having their body temperature screened.

Temperatures are taken using no touch infrared forehead thermometers.

Each client must have an Authorized Employer Contact present during screenings.

Any individuals 1) with a temperature above the designated temperature threshold, 2) exhibiting flu like symptoms, or 3) that have a forehead temperature that does not register a result on the thermometer will be directed to speak with the Authorized Employer Contact as the next step in the protocol.

To maximize the number of individuals screened efficiently, safely and to protect employee data privacy, temperatures will not be recorded by OHD.

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