Incorporates ‘% Improvement’ as a Way to Earn Incentive

wellness incentive percent improvement

Present Participants With Reasonable Alternatives

wellness incentive reasonable alternatives

We Handle Appeals for You

employee wellness incentive appeals

Administer Activities With Third Parties through data feeds

administer health risk assessment, HRA

Import Historical Biometric Data from Other Systems

import biometric screening data
You also get these additional wellness incentive features
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Additional Wellness Incentive Features Included
Timeline on home page that presents users with the key dates of a campaign
A summary box at the top of each page that displays:
A countdown of days left until the next key deadline
The outcomes-based incentive earned so far, out of the total possible that can be earned
A scorecard that can:
Show whether or not biometric screening results have earned the incentive
Allow the use of ratio-based incentive models (e.g. participant earns all the incentive for being ‘in-range’ on 3 out of 5 tests)
OR, allow the use of ‘points per test type’ models (e.g. participant accumulates some incentive for being ‘in-range’ on each test)
A separate biometric screening results section that shows:
Whether or not biometric screening results are healthy according to national standards
Customizable links to explanations of each biometric test
Historical employee health results from prior years
Link to download results in PDF format