Screening companies that pass eTrueNorth’s audit demonstrate their adherence to laboratory regulatory compliance
DALLAS, March 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — eTrueNorth, the U.S. based healthcare technology & compliance solution provider for CLIA-waived laboratories, is the only provider that certifies regulatory compliance in the biometric screening industry. eTrueNorth is pleased to announce that Onsite Health Diagnostics has successfully passed all of the requirements of the CLIA-Waived Laboratory Regulatory Compliance Audit.

Kyle Alexander, CEO of Onsite Health Diagnostics; “As we have for 15 years, Onsite Health Diagnostics continues to prioritize compliance to regulations that apply to the biometric screening industry. Until now, there was no solution in the market to certify that biometric screening vendors meet the federal, state & county regulations that apply to all CLIA-waived laboratories. NCQA and URAC offer accreditation programs for wellness companies; however, there has been no similar distinction applicable to biometric screenings or the companies that perform them. eTrueNorth is filling the gap and giving our industry and its clients proof of regulatory compliance. We are delighted to be the first to meet all of the audit requirements.”

“eTrueNorth worked closely with Onsite Health Diagnostics and performed a 50-state review of the biometric screening company’s compliance to national, state and county regulatory requirements and ensured proper documentation was present. The audit covered such items as permits, standing physician orders and sufficient quality control documentation across 50 states,” said Coral May, President of eTrueNorth. “Employers who purchase point-of-care testing now have proof that Onsite Health Diagnostic’s biometric screenings are compliant with all applicable regulations.”

eTrueNorth’s vision is a world where high-quality, cost-efficient and accessible point-of-care testing becomes an integral part of healthcare delivery in every community. “This is an example of how eTrueNorth is working to raise the level of credibility of onsite biometric screening companies and pharmacies that provide point-of-care testing” said May. “Biometric screening companies and pharmacies that use CLIA-waived devices and their clients are very concerned about regulatory compliance and accuracy. The CLIA-Waived Laboratory Regulatory Compliance Audit is the way to demonstrate an organization’s commitment to quality test results.”

About Onsite Health Diagnostics
Onsite Health Diagnostics is the leading, most technologically advanced provider of employee health screenings, outcomes-based incentive management, and workforce health analytics to some of the largest employers, corporate wellness providers, and health insurance companies in the United States.

About eTrueNorth
eTrueNorth is the leading organization focused on elevating expectations of, and opportunities for, CLIA waived laboratories. The company’s goal is to improve access, quality and lower cost by fitting healthcare into everyday life and leveraging the accessibility of retail pharmacies. eTrueNorth is expanding the scope of services available to consumers and enhancing the pharmacy’s value as a key participant in a multi-disciplinary healthcare delivery model. To learn more, visit or contact CV Abdallah at (315) 374-7792 or


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