Onsite Health Diagnostics is pleased to announce a new partnership with Mathematica Policy Research. This relationship will facilitate collection of comprehensive and complex biometric and survey information within behavioral and drug addiction centers throughout the United States. The information collected will be provided to the Mathematica team in order to help evaluate the Primary and Behavioral Health Care Integration program for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. One component of the evaluation involves comparing the health outcomes of patients served in the Primary and Behavioral Health Care Integration clinics with the health outcomes of patients served in other community mental health centers.

Mathematica chose Onsite Health Diagnostics as their valued partner for a variety of reasons:

  • OHD’s substantial experience conducting biometric health screenings in a variety of settings and in the specific area of public research
  • OHD’s highly credentialed staff throughout the United States
  • OHD’s flexible deployment and staffing models
  • OHD’s robust support structure including an online participant portal for physicians, customer service center and a dedicated account management and client services team

Onsite Health Diagnostics’ Chief Executive Officer, Kyle Alexander, described the partnership by saying “We are proud to partner with the people at Mathematica Policy Research who are dedicated to improving public well-being and are at the forefront of assessing the effectiveness of policies and programs in our country.”

This specific program partnership will span over the next two years.  It is estimated that Onsite Health Diagnostics will work with thousands of individuals over the course of the program.

We are excited to work with Mathematica Policy Research and look forward to the results of this project.

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