See How Your Corporate Health Compares to Peers in the Same Locations

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Bookmark, Download, and Share Views that Answer Key Questions

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Year Over Year Cohort Analysis of Employee Health Change

year over year cohort analysis of biometric screening data

Evaluation of Specific Wellness Programs: Know What Works

evaluation of specific employee wellness programs

Import Historical Biometric Data, Program Participation & Claims

import historical biometric screening data
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Some of the Additional Employee Wellness Questions that Can Be Answered:
Is employee wellness working?
What’s the return on wellness?
Is this specific employee wellness program offering a good investment?
Easily answer age and gender specific questions
Statistical validation: Can I expect these results again if I re-invest in the same behavior change program?
Benchmark data: How does my company’s biometric screening data compare to peers?
What are my employee health risks at company, regional, state, city & site levels?