COVID-19 Immunization Tracking and Testing

VaxxTrak is a turnkey platform for tracking employee immunization status and managing ongoing workplace COVID-19 testing programs in compliance with federal mandates.

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Save time, money, and headaches

Instant ability to track both employee vaccination status and COVID-19 test status for unvaccinated employees.

Track compliance weekly

System filters for eligible population and tracks entire process from initial vaccination confirmation to weekly testing and reporting.

Process Exemptions

Options available for medical, religious and self attestation exemptions.

Validate vaccinations and tests

Employees can upload pictures of vaccination documents or COVID-19 test results directly from their mobile device or testing center.

VaxxPass™ Passport

Digital passport functionality allows employees to quickly show proof of vaccination or testing status that is updated in real time.

General Reporting Features and Detailed Reports

  • Total VaxxTrak eligible employees
  • Total remote worker exemptions
  • Current vaccination status (first dose and completed second dose)
  • Current number of employees requiring COVID-19 testing
  • Current number of employees with scheduled COVID-19 test appointments (if applicable)
  • Current number of employees ordering COVID-19 tests
  • Current number of religious exemptions
  • Current number of medical exemptions

COVID-19 Test Shipping and Logistics Options

Bulk shipments to office location

Bulk shipment to client
distribution centers

Direct to employee