Bexa™ Breast Cancer Early Detection


Meet Bexa™ – A new kind of breast exam

A breast examination with Bexa™ is accurate, quick, painless, involves no radiation, and provides women with immediate results.

Bexa™ is small and portable allowing breast exams with Bexa™ to be performed anywhere a woman can be examined privately in the workplace.

The Bexa™ Process

  • FDA Cleared – CPT Code (0422T)
  • Breast exam with small sensor moved gently over the surface of the breast
  • On-site ultrasound of any discovered abnormalities
  • No age, density restrictions
  • Safe during pregnancy
  • Low rate of false-positive exams

Lower Your Overall Healthcare Costs

Breast exams with Bexa™ including ultrasound, are less expensive than any other detection method.

Detection of breast cancer at early stages greatly reduces suffering, death, and cancer treatment costs.

Stage One Cancer

  • 98% 5-year survival rate
  • $17,000 treatment cost

Stage 4 Cancer

  • 22% 5-year survival rate
  • $350,000+ treatment cost

The Participant Experience

Step 1: Register Online

  • 1-2 weeks before exam event
  • Unique company URL

Step 2: Bexa™ Exam Day

  • Exam typically takes 15-30 minutes
  • All results kept as secure, private medical records
  • Immediate results and report provided to each participant

Step 3: Next Steps

  • Normal exam: repeat in one year
  • Specific follow-up instructions for abnormalities
  • Report provided to participant that can be shared with provider

The Employer Experience

  • 2 to 4-week lead-time for initial implementation
  • Quick implementation call to kick off
  • Full marketing communication suite provided
  • Engagement and participant survey results continuously monitored
  • Billing options available