Technology Solutions

When we went looking for a scheduling system we could use for our needs, we weren’t impressed with the functionality and security issues of other existing systems. As such, we made a strategic decision to not just create a scheduling system, but to have that system be an all-encompassing business solution for the organization. Our Event Management System is the result of that vision. This system is mobile-friendly, ADA compliant for the visually impaired, and is top of the line in security. The system is audited every year by a third party to ensure it meets SOC II compliance standards. Due to this software being our own product, we have been able to improve the system year after year to provide added functionality and convenience for all our users.

Event Management System


No Charge Custom Branding:

  • Vanity URL
  • Transactional Email templates
  • Corporate Logo in Header
  • Custom Content in Footer
  • Public-Facing Color scheme
  • Background Images
  • Sample Campaign Content
  • Event Type Descriptions
  • Instructions
  • Confirmation Messaging
  • Custom “From” Email address for transactional Emails


  • Thirty design communication templates for email or SMS
  • Customized electronic consent capture
  • Managers dashboard for real-time event progress
  • Broadcast email capabilities
  • Marketing templates to promote screenings


  • Nineteen pre-designed reports available
  • Ad hoc custom reporting for clients
  • Real-time events scheduled visibility
  • Scheduled reporting


  • Custom data feeds to and from third parties
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Ability to upload historical data
  • Seamless integration with staffing, logistic, and customer service

Additional Features

  • Mobile friendly
  • Age/Gender dependent test menu ​
  • Testing options defined by registration group type ​
  • Capability to offer optional tests for participants to choose ​
  • Classroom scheduling capabilities with waitlist queueing logic


  • Dedicated Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO)​
  • HIPAA & SOC 2 compliant
    • Since 2014, our independent assessment has ranked consistently above Healthcare Industry Benchmarks and significantly higher than our industry peers
  • Annual independent assessments conducted by Meditology
  • Daily intrusion testing and monitoring

Incentive Tracking

Outcomes Based Incentive Tracking

Outcomes Based Incentive Tracking

Our online platform shows participants each step they need to complete, what they get, whether or not it was earned, and why. Make your outcomes-based wellness program easy.

Incorporates % improvement as a way to earn incentives.

We also handle appeals, reasonable alternatives, facilitation of activities through third parties, as well as the import of historical biometric data from other systems.



  • Real time data capture via iPad and patented Point of Care connectivity (Patent No.: US 11,017,116 B2) ​
  • No PHI
  • Elimination of data entry
  • Reduction of screening times

All of the above can be licensed.