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Why Is Self-Reporting Acceptable Within Employee Wellness?

If your organization has an employee wellness program, you likely pay to have biometric screenings performed on your employees by a third party.  Why?  There really is just one answer to this question – it’s because you are concerned that if you allow your employees to self-report their measurements, the answers will be wrong, any analysis [...]

4 Terrifying Situations of Failed Biometric Screenings: Part 2

We hope you are enjoying these lessons learned. If you aren’t confident that you or your partner have processes in place to safeguard against issues like these, you might find our recommendations with each story helpful. 1. You Did an Onsite Screening, Where!? A large employer in the Mid-West came to us with a story [...]

4 Terrifying Situations of Failed Biometric Screenings: Part 1

When trying to engage employees in your wellness programs, botched biometric screenings are particularly counterproductive. We get it. When clients run to us looking for refuge from bad screening experiences, they usually share their prior horror stories. In the spirit of learning from the mistakes of others, we are passing a few of these anecdotes [...]

Audit Wellness Progress with Data You Have

Performing a Wellness Audit is easy and inexpensive, but there are two concepts that must first be grasped: The direct result of employee wellness initiatives is improved employee population health; the indirect result of employee wellness is lower healthcare claims, usually years later.The bad news is that focusing on claims analysis in the short term [...]

Biometric Screening Vendors: 5 Questions You Need to Ask

Biometric screening vendors put hands on your your employees, handle their private health information, and provide data that changes the direction of wellness program investment, impacts employees’ paychecks, and more. If something were to go wrong, it can go very wrong. The level of risk in this industry warrants more due diligence than is often [...]

Making a Successful Investment in Workplace Wellness

Despite the fact that companies of any size can achieve remarkable ROI with a sound workplace wellness program in place, many smaller healthcare groups continue to miss out on the benefits. According to a Worksite Health Promotion Survey, larger companies were more likely to offer a benefit in almost every category of health–promoting programs or [...]