Health Screening Company Merger and Acquisitions News – the Storm Within

It is a tumultuous time of instability and undependability for our industry.  Quest Diagnostics has been acquiring the likes of Provant/Hooper Holmes, Summit for years.  And now, it looks like another major lab network will be joining the fray, allegedly acquiring Wellness Corporate Solutions out of Maryland and the screening division of Maxim Health.

But what happens after the merger? Merger and acquisition integrations depend on which systems stay and which are cast aside for cost savings and return on investment measures.  There is  also employee angst and consolidation throughout the organization.  Process reevaluation and existing procedures clash.  Overlap of services and divisions that lead to miscommunications as well as service interruptions, all due to merger chaos.  Furthermore, there are differences in strategic direction where clients that depended on high onsite screening levels find themselves sent to local patient service centers. Often, it means unhappy customers call us looking for stability and contracts they know will be honored.

In these unsure times, we are proud to be the screening company and employer of choice and able to deliver year on year and event-to-event consistency for our clients under the wellness umbrella.  Keep this in mind when searching for a screening partner, Onsite Health Diagnostics is privately owned and staying that way.

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